The Point 6 Difference

With a new spin on traditional merino wool sock construction, point6 is leading the way in the evolution of the merino wool movement.

The spinning process turns our premium merino wool fibers into yarn, and compact spinning removes more air from between the fibers, creating a more compact, and thus softer, finer and more durable yarn. This is an expensive process, so other companies are content to use small percentages of compact spun yarns in their products. point6 uses compact spun yarns exclusively in our mens wool socks and womens wool socks. Once spun, our yarns are knit with fine gauge needles, producing more stitches per inch, to create exceptionally soft and durable mens wool socks and womens wool socks. We have created a superior wool sock with increased longevity.

Our company name is derived from 98 point 6 degrees fahrenheit (the body’s optimal body temperature), and reinforces the benefits of maintaining optimum performance through the fantastic temperature stabilizing properties of point6 merino wool.

Optimum body temperature is essential for comfort and performance, and particularly during activities that include wide ranges in temperature. Mother nature has created a fiber with an excellent inherent ability to increase natural thermoregulation - merino wool. The crimp in merino wool fibers create efficient insulation that keeps you warm when it's cold, and cool when it's warm. Unlike cotton or synthetics, it's these layers and layers of air pockets that help wool insulate - and keep you warm - even when wet. Merino wool fibers feature a complex moisture management system, able to both repel and absorb moisture, keeping feet dry, comfortable and blister-free.