Introducing ALL GOOD

It’s about time we let you know a little bit of what makes All Good Goop so magical.

All Good Goop’s intention to heal starts at the very beginning… and we mean the very beginning. Central to Goop’s ingredient list is calendula — a fragrant, softening, and anti-inflammatory flower that allows for Goop’s all-in-one dynamic power. Every October, the Goop journey starts on our farm with a calendula crop hand sown by Courtney -- part Farmer, part Mermaid, thus: FarmerMaid -- and grown with seeds that have been saved for two decades. That’s right: two decades. 

The healing powers continue when the calendula flowers are harvested, solar dried, and blended with dried organic comfrey, lavender, plantain, and yarrow (all of which are chock-full of nature’s magic healing powers). These herbs are infused into organic extra virgin olive oil, mixed with vitamin E, lavender, and ~sustainably-sourced~ beeswax.